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Post by ciccio on Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:13 pm

what's new:
- It now supports Cambodian Chess (Ouk) as a subvariant of Makruk. Because WinBoard does not support Ouk, it has to be played as -variant makruk with legality testing off. An engine option "Cambodian Makruk rules" has been added, and has to be set before starting a game (or selecting Makruk) to use to use Cambodian rules.
The Cambodian rules allow King and Met ('Queen') to make a first move different from their normal moves (comparable to the Pawn double-push): a Knight jump for the King, and a jump two squares forward for the Met. The Fairy-Max code for double-pushes had to be generalized a little to implement this.

- Falcon Chess is now again supported. (The patent on this expired.) It also has to be re-enabled in WinBoard; the 4.5TM installer now contains a WinBoard binary that enables it. It also includes the new Fairy-Max.

Linux tar ball: http://hgm.nubati.net/fairymax.tar.gz
WinBoard zip: http://hgm.nubati.net/Fairy-Max.zip

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