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Post by ciccio on Fri Oct 07, 2011 11:18 pm

what's new :Version 6.0

Game against one engine of your choice:
Personalities :
Try to adjust the response of the engine to even the game (an idea proposed by Karbunclo in Foro Master)
Based on using the option of multi engine response (MultiPV) and select from the answers given.
There are 3 basic models, best move, move similar to player and move worse, with small variations, adding randomness in some cases up to 12 standard models.
New custom personalities can be created based on standard models, and adding various parameters (laser idea proposed by immortalchess forum)
And upon a serious blunder by the player, causing an immediate mate or the loss of points is considerable, such as forgetting to protect the queen, the engine response is to capture. Associated with these losses, normally in case of a big blunder by the player the engine would blunder back a piece immediately in the next move to level the evaluation, to avoid this, it can be set a number of points means that the engine will slowly try to lose the given amount of points with each move. (idea contributed by Daniel Trebejo)
It can be possible change rival /side in the middle of the game. (+ Others-Change rival)
It can be selected a polyglot book to make the first moves, choosing the response of rivals to follow a particular line. (idea contributed by baddadza provided by immortalchess forum)
Drag and drop in setting the starting position.
Kibitzers: Option to choose only a side to look
Lime - Richard Allbert
Pawny - Mincho Georgiev
Daydreamer - Aaron Becker
Komodo -> 3 32bit - Don Dailey, Larry Kaufman
Creating your own game:
Analysis are saved (idea contributed by Nguyen Tuan Long)
Adds a save as icon, to differentiate from when you are working with an old game.
Game of the day can be showed in the PGN viewer
Favorite in training, to simplify the selection of frequently used options. (Options menu)
Training openings, can be convert openings to a polyglot book
Named colors themes (idea contributed by Olivia Pfefferle and Mohammed A.)
You can change the coordinates color(idea contributed by Mohammed A.)
DGT boards support (suggested by Daniel Trebejo and Georg Pfefferle) and it has been possible thanks to the many tests done by Daniel Trebejo
Training positions back icon is added(idea proposed by shahinjy immortalchess forum)
Analyzing a position, you can now save once all the variants considered by the engine. (idea contributed by Filomeno Marmalé)

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